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Keynote Concerts

With a saxophone, unforgettable stories, captivating melodies, a charismatic stage presence, and original songs that inspire to the core, Mark is a Motivational Keynote Speaker who creates an experience so unique and dynamic that his audiences are ignited to take action every time! This is more than your everyday keynote. This is a "Keynote Concert," where Mark’s powerful speech COMBINED with his live concert create a memorable experience that will stand out as the highlight of your event!

Whether you’re a corporate giant , the biggest university system in the U.S., or so many other companies and schools, having Mark on your stage is so empowering for seminar participants not just during the event, but well after!

Mark regularly performs at:

  • Conferences

  • Workshops

  • Seminars

  • Corporate Trainings

  • Colleges (incl. commencements)

  • High Schools (incl. commencements)

  • Private Events

Learn more about Mark's motivational keynote concerts below!

If you would like to have Mark speak at your venue or event, call or send an email to:

Gina Mitchell


Please include the following information:

  • Your full name and contact information including phone and email

  • The name of your venue or institution including mailing and web address

  • Date(s) that you would like Mark to perform

  • Attach any appropriate contracts or forms of agreement

  • Include any other information and/or questions you may have 

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